Abatement of Illegal Aliens Thru Flooding and Storm Weather Warfare

As the new President comes into office in Mexico and now President Vincent Fox leaves office for riches due to connections; we may see a paradigm shift towards socialism or even communism? Think I am crazy?

Well consider some of the new guys speeches and how the crowds love him. Now then we all know that such governments often cause worse issues and this means that we may have more refugee type illegal immigration. Plus we all know and it is no secret that Mexico City will soon have a major Seismic Event like in 1985 and 20 million could lose their homes and 5 million could die.

Where will those people go as Mexico tries to rebuild again? To the United States of course; if we do not have enough border patrol, fences and we choose not to shoot them; well then here they will come.

But if millions are marching this way and we cannot turn them around we can see the clouds during Hurricane Season of Pacific Storms as the circulations move towards our borders and this will cause flooding out of the roads along the borders and all the areas surrounding so nothing; no people or vehicles can get through. Consider this in 2006.

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