Are You Lying to Yourself About Your Job Search?

Are You Lying to Yourself About Your
Job Search Goals?

It is hard to honestly define a job goal
for oneself. An honest decision must
come from a person's values, sense of
self and vigorous self analysis. If that
is not done, then the person is only
pretending to seek a satisfying job goal.

Pretending and lying are twins and
cloud the pursuit of a sincere life and career.

Where does this dishonesty come from? I
believe that it comes from a deep lack of
self respect and open, honest life values.
It might be easier to hide one's real pursuits
than to openly find a job that has real meaning.

How does a job seeker overcome this internal
barrier? I think it will take a lot of self reflection
and honesty within the self. A lot of people either
cannot or will not make the effort. Some of them
are truly the "working wounded" and living
lives of quiet desperation. We have all met them.
If you read this, I hope you are not one.


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c, 2004-05
Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
Certified Job & Career Transition Coach