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Information Technology Job Seekers - Atlanta (ITJSA) is a networking service based in Atlanta, Georgia. ITJSA was created to assist IT job seekers find technology jobs throughout Atlanta.

The service began in the form of a paper newsletter in February 2005 and distributed throughout the Atlanta area. After 7 days of introducing the service, Founder, Regina Stevens, decided to create a website to accommodate all participants. The response to the service was tremendous!

Regina Stevens says, "This service was created primarily out of frustration. IT job descriptions are not written realistically, so therefore, IT people cannot find jobs and employers are having difficulties finding IT candidates. The problem is that no ONE person can be an expert in all IT fields, which are requested in the majority of IT descriptions."

The goal for ITJSA is to post IT job seekers qualifications in the quest to make employers aware of IT job seeker skill sets, which will hopefully spark the effort to revise IT job descriptions in order to fill open IT positions.

"Employers don't realize that their IT job descriptions are hurting them as well as hurting the IT people who are out there looking for jobs. No ONE person can be an expert in all IT careers", says Ms. Stevens.

The website is managed by people with technology skills, which is one of the advantages over large job boards. Participants will be able to speak with a real person. Although the website is primarily for IT job seekers, employers can post their open IT jobs too. All postings on the website are IT-related.

About the Author

Regina Stevens is CEO of Information Technology Job Seekers - Atlanta ( and Keep It Simple Websites ( She writes articles for new computer users and writes content involving Information Technology.