Pressure Washing Congress

You can talk to any person in America and they will tell you that the United States Congress needs to be cleaned up. Not a single person I have talk to has disagreed with that statement and I have traveled to every single city in the United States all over 10,000 people in population in the last four years. I have not talked to one single person; rich or poor, black or white, atheist or Christian who denies that we need to clean up Congress.

Well, having run a pressure washing business and having learned a little bit about cleaning things up it seems to me that the answer is simple we must pressure wash all the congressman and all the congresswomen and all of their facilities and offices. We must do this with high-pressure hot water at no less than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sooner we pressure wash Congress the better off the American people will be and the sooner we can get back to a government, which is for the people and by the people and abides by the Constitution of United States of America. Now some people might find this funny and rather hilarious.

But I am completely serious and we must pressure wash Congress as soon as possible to protect the American people from the government that is getting so large it almost doesn't need the people anymore. Indeed this is a scary thought.

A government, which is owned by the people and for the people and which no longer needs the people. If we do not pressure wash Congress who is to say they will not soon pressure watch us, as we are no longer needed? Consider all this in 2006.

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