Build US Fighter Planes in Mexico with Chinese Parts to Save Money

The United States Government is spending like it is going out of style and some are now saying that we must cut back. Still our economy has grown like never before and our National Debt is still only a couple of percent of the total.

Nevertheless some are saying that America is spending itself into bankruptcy and the politicians have a never-ending pet project, sneak it in at the last minute, spend thrift attitude. Well recently at a coffee shop a liberal thinker told me; Wouldn’t it be nice if had money for Health Care and the United States Air Force had to hold a bake sale to by another bomber plane?

Yah well, I heard that joke before and was not phased, amazed or moved by his comments and then he said; We Should Build US Fighter Planes in Mexico with Chinese Parts to Save Money. I asked him what line of work he was in and he told be he use to build aircraft for Boeing in Everett, Washington and worked Union for 20 years.

Well that did not surprise me at all seeing as his jaded comments failed to take into consideration that our Government’s number one job is to protect the American People. And building fighter planes in Mexico, please, spare me the cynicism for a change, sheesh! Please consider all this in 2006.

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