Illegal Human Aliens; A More Descriptive and Politically Correct Term

Many people use the term illegal immigrants and illegal aliens to describe the humans that sneak over the border between the United States and Mexico. But we should not call them illegal aliens otherwise the alien beings might get upset. Who knows we may have aliens living on our planet there are older than we are and have been here longer.

In other words they are not illegal aliens at all. And we should not be mean to little green men who may live our planet. So instead of calling these illegal immigrants; the illegal aliens we need a more descriptive and politically correct term so we do not confuse them with the aliens that live on our planet which meet us no harm.

Therefore we should not call the illegal immigrants; illegal human aliens, that way we do not piss off the real aliens who have more advanced technology that we have been might start a war with us. You see most Americans have nothing against alien beings from another planet or perhaps aliens that live on our planet and have for possibly hundreds of thousands of years.

Nevertheless a more descriptive and politically correct term for the illegal immigrants would definitely be illegal human aliens and not illegal aliens. Please consider all this in 2006. (No, I am not an avid Coast-to-Coast AM listener with Art Bell and George Noory, but do turn in occasionally).

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