Not All Lawyers are Total Crooks

Recently at a coffee shop I has a talk with a lawyer and we got to talking about how lawyers are all crooks. He claimed he was not a crook although he was a lawyer and further mentioned that he did not like all the crooks who were in law or practicing law either.

As a matter-of-fact he said many of the government lawyers are the biggest crooks. And in his law firm he said that he thought only about half of them were dishonest. In other words they cheated on their billing, misrepresented the truth and things like this. I asked them if he ever cheated on his billing.

He said no, but a lot of good times he had paralegals do his work but still billed the client at the total rate. Interesting because to me that sounds like something a crook would do. And if he considered that as ethical and then perhaps 100 percent of his particular law firm are total crooks or half of them are semi-crooks and the other half are total crooks. Maybe it is more something like that? So, to set the record straight not all lawyers are total crooks and as this lawyer pointed out only 50 percent are total crooks.

In his law firm it appears that half of the lawyers are not total crooks because there will in fact only be semi-crooks. Isn't that great to know aren