Lie Detector Tests Annually for All Lawyers

Why is it that we have so many rules and regulations for every single industry in the United States of America? We attack our business community each and every day and we make rules and regulations that lawyers use in extortion tactics to sue American companies. We need to reduce the rules and regulations in our nation for our business communities and we need to put more rules and regulations on the lawyers, which I believe to be professional parasites and terrorists against the American people.

I propose that each and every lawyer be given a lie detector test and a drug tests annually or they cannot renewal their legal license to practice law. Additionally, everybody in each law firm will be required to take a lie detector test annually to make sure that they are not trying to break the law by controlling the law or staying above law.

If we fail to watch over the legal industry they will continue to manipulate our laws further their own personal financial gain as they are self-serving parasites against humanity. There is nothing worse than a crooked lawyer and probably nothing more common in my opinion. And since this is my opinion you cannot sue me; you rotten scoundrel lawyers. Consider this in 2006.

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