CIA Looking for Homosexuals; Bend Over and Do It For Your Country

The central intelligence agency known as the CIA is looking for more homosexuals to fill up its ranks and if you wish to bend over and do it for your country that might be a great job for you. Male homosexuals are good relationship builders like women and they can get a little bit of action on the side while getting paid to screw foreigners who might be a threat to our country.

Additionally it makes sense for homosexuals to work outside the country and spread AIDS in other locations rather inside the United States. Some people may think this is a derogatory, anti-homosexuals comment, however since it is the truth and they are a very promiscuous group this could indeed reduce the AIDS crisis here at home if they work in foreign nations.

Homosexuals working for the CIA will be giving back to society by doing a very important job and they can spy up on their targets in a very personal way and make sure they are carrying any contraband in various cavity regions of the body. This is one way the American people can support the homosexual population by hiring them and giving them a job with benefits.

Many employers don't want have anything to do with homosexuals but are in fear that they might get sued if they do not hire them. At least this way they will be working for a government agency who really needs them and wants them so very badly. Oh la la, as they CIA says. The CIA is looking for homosexuals and you should bend over and do it for your country. Consider this in 2006.

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