Attention International Terrorists; Most CIA from USA are Easy to Spot, They are Gay

Attention international terrorists we know that most of you are closet homosexuals and we also would like you to know that most CIA from the United States of America are easy to spot because they are homosexuals to. So if you are screwing an American then there is a good chance they work for the CIA and are following you very closely.

How close you ask? Well, they are inside your pants aren't they? This is how you can tell if the American that you have captured is with the CIA. Most of the world knows that international terrorists are nonconformist and only pretend to follow the ways of Islam.

Everyone knows that anybody who is an international terrorist is probably a homosexual with no manhood. If you are an international terrorist then chances are you are a homosexual and everyone knows it too, if you are not you are the only one in your terrorist cell who is not and hold onto the soap carefully.

But then again everyone knows that many people who work at the CIA are also homosexuals. And if you have captured an American and you think they might be a CIA spy then you only have to find out if they are a homosexual or not and then you'll know. If they are a homosexual like you or your international terrorist buddies then they probably work for the CIA.

Why are international terrorists homosexuals? This is because they do not have any manhood and they have been outcast from society. This is why many of them bend over each day to pray to Allah. If you are an international terrorist and you are not gay then you should not bend over and pray if one of your international friends is behind you. Because he is getting bigger ideas. Please consider this in 2006.

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