Downsize Government; Save Taxpayers Money and Move Offices to Mexico

The United States government is spending taxpayers money like never before and it is time they go on both a diet and do a little downsizing. Perhaps they should do a little off shoring as well. Many corporations in the United States of America due to the blob of bureaucracy and the over regulation and the rules and regulations of all the 3000 agencies that are represented in Washington D.C.; have moved their corporations to other nations.

These Corporations have moved their headquarters to other countries and outsourced the jobs and factories to other nations as well. They just could not afford it anymore to do business in the United States with the ridiculous over regulation from government and the incessant lawsuits which, from trial lawyers making money off suing companies due to the over regulations that lawyers who are also congressmen and senators make.

We must downsize our government and take some words of advice from corporate America and move governments offices to Mexico. There are many places right over the border we can move all over government offices. For instance Juarez Mexico has many U.S. factories and we can put the government right next-door. Why not put the government in Mexico they seem to have forgotten there is a U.S. Mexican border anyway. Please consider this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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