Dolphins and Whales: Gateways to Healing

One lazy late summer afternoon, lying on the deck of a small boat, I found myself staring into the eye of a giant Humpback whale who had surfaced only a few feet away. More and more often in the last twenty years around the world, whales and dolphins have been initiating contact with humans.

This intimate contact catapulted me into a dramatic embrace of wholeness and expanded consciousness. Most people report regaining a more natural, healthy state by being in the presence of dolphins and whales, and by being enveloped by the transformative emanations from these benevolent creatures.

Cetaceans, dolphins and whales, are constantly connected with the universal vibrations coming from Source. Because they emit these vibrations abundantly and freely, dolphins and whales have a profound impact on humans in their vicinity. In their presence, people experience vast increases in energy, vitality and awareness on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Awake and Aware

Dolphins and whales are intelligent friends who live by expressing the qualities we value