Move Congressional Buildings to Juarez Mexico, Drugs are Legal there!

To save taxpayers money let's move the congressional buildings in Washington D.C. and all of Washington D.C. to Juarez Mexico. Why, well because in Mexico drugs will now be legal and we will not have to arrest the mayor of Washington D.C. on drug charges. The illegal use of prescription medication is also not a problem and this will be good for the Kennedy boy from Connecticut. Beginning fights with local federalees in Mexico will not be a problem either and we will not have to worry about Congress ladies beating up on cops.

The land is really cheap in Mexico and there are plenty of people who have been skilled in the United States who live there now having been deported who know all about the construction industry so they can build all the buildings in wares Mexico for the United States Congress.

Whenever corporations which to save money they know they need to go where the labor is cheaper and therefore move their manufacturing facilities over the border. The United States Congress who voted for NAFTA can now do the same thing and they can save the taxpayer millions of dollars by moving out of DC and get cheaper real estate.

Additionally if we're going to support the legal aliens who are criminals why not deported to corrupt politicians in Congress as well. They belong together.

Think of the millions of dollars we can save by moving the congressional buildings from Washington D.C. to Juarez Mexico were drugs are illegal and the congressman and women will be happy as they will not get in trouble for being on drugs. That is assuming they are on drugs by the way they vote. Consider this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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