Can We Please Move Washington D.C. to Dodge City Kansas

We must protect Washington DC from floods and International Terrorists. We must protect the great men and women and our noble leaders. We must protect the heart of our nation from the Bird Flu. We must protect our nations Capital from corrupt lobbyists, sex workers and bribes.

We must protect the American People and we need a strong government to do all of that. Washington DC is the wrong place for our nations capital and we need to move it to a safer location. I propose we move Washington DC to Dodge City Kansas.

It is perfect in every way and when the wind is blowing just right you will know why and totally agree with everything I am saying here. The center of the nation is a much safer place to put the capital; safe from harm our leadership will be.

Plus there is a major bonus in Dodge City Kansas and that is if the politicians are caught for corruption they can easily get out of Dodge on any of the lonely two-way highways leading straight out of town. Plus the place smells like cow manure and cowshit for miles away. And it will be perfect and all of our wonderful and noble podium politicians will feel right at home together.

It is the perfect place for Washington DC in every regard and it is already full of cow manure and the cows will not even notice, neither will the locals. Please consider all this in 2006. You are darn right I am serious! Vote for Lance lets run this government our way for the People and by the People.

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