Flood Washington DC and Washout Corruption

Well I guess we cannot get the corruption out of Washington DC, but we can certainly flood them out of Office. These Politicians think they can do as they please and get away with running our government into bankruptcy. These politicians think they can ignore the American People as they barricade themselves in and protect themselves from International Terrorists and allow our nations borders to remain unguarded.

These politicians think it is okay to have lobbyists supply them with homosexual prostitutes when they have sworn to protect the American People. These politicians think they can assault policemen and get away with it, above the laws. These politicians think they can do drugs and drive.

These politicians think they take bribes and buy million dollar homes and get free Rolls Royce automobiles. These politicians think they can stand up at the podium and push their lies onto the American People.

Well I know something that they do not, I know you might be able to cheat your way into office. You might be able to act above the laws now. But there is no way in hell you can get away from the laws of Mother Nature. You cannot hide in your barricaded city; we will flood you out of there by God.

The floods have only just begun. Just stay there and drown do not bother coming out and showing you faces in public anymore. You have not upheld the Constitution, you have not made good on your promises to the American People, you can now face the wrath of Mother Nature you sorry soggy scoundrels. Consider all this in 2006 and Vote for Lance.

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