Washington DC Floods and Gets a Power Flush

Pounding torrential rains pummel the Washington DC podium pushing politicians. Battering storms flood out the Blob of Bureaucracy and bureaucrats. It is great to see that since Washington DC cannot clean up it own corruptions and crime that Mother Nature has come to conquer the corridors correctly.

The double storm caused by tropical weather being pushed up the Eastern United States from the Trade Winds has left some major flooding behind. But this is only Part I and as Part II is the bunching up of multiple storm systems coming across the United States in the normal weather cycle, also full of moist air and lots of rain behind that.

Can Washington DC and its corruption last under this extreme pummeling and power flush of politics? Can the male homosexual lobbyist paid staff straighteners swim their sorry butts to safety? It is about time that someone took the initiative to teach our over spending scoundrels a lesson.

The headlines read; Washington DC Floods and Gets a Power Flush and the rest of America is looking forward to more rain to help these bureaucrats brain so they can see that it is time to refrain from wasting the taxpayers monies with pet projects and crap which is lame. It is good to see Washington DC get the power flush it needs and hopefully this will continue for a thru the week. Consider this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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