Build a Success Team Within Your Job Search


The concept of a success team is a great
concept devised by Barbara Sher of:
WISHCRAFT book fame.

Here's how I think a success team can
be a splendid idea in a job search.

1. Gather everyone you know to meet
with you to discuss your plans.

2. Make it a fun gathering. It could be
a coffee time; a dinner out; a potluck.
Ask people to help you decide the time
and place.

3. When you invite people, make it clear
what you expect of them. The purpose
is to support you with ideas and enthusiasm.
You should also make it clear that this is
a short term project. A project that will
end when you get a job.

4. It's wise to invite, at least, a medium sized
group. Some will drop out. You need a
group of at least 4 people to stay with you.
Meeting every two weeks would be a good

5. Offer your kindness and support to all
members of the group. You never know
when someone might need to start another
success team!

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Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
Certified Job & Career Transition Coach