Washington DC Built Along a Massive Flood Zone

Well it appears that Washington DC is built along a massive flood zone? How convenient indeed. Heck it serves those bureaucrats and podium politicians right does it not? Well what is the tally so far? Well we have flooded the National Archives, Justice Department, Internal Revenue Service, Rail System and several tunnels.

The streets are impassible and for the most part no one can work in Washington DC. Big deal they do not do anything there anyway but waste our taxpayers money, make excuses and meet with lobbyists for lunch. Well when they are not enjoying the male homosexual prostitutes that the lobbyists hire for their more leisure activities?

Oh you did not know that? Well you see when they are bending over and screwing the American People they are practicing on prostitutes there in Washington DC. Well it is time for the government to know whose money it is they spend, when they packing the fudge in someones rear end and now it is time for them to downsize and learn to sink of swim.

I did not know that Washington DC was built along a Massive Flood Zone, but it figures, as they cannot do anything right there? Well another 12-20 inches of rain ought to do the trick indeed. We must thank Mother Nature for helping flush the politician and paper pushing bureaucrats out of Washington DC. Consider this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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