100 Pounds Of Marijuana Found At Home Depot: Sold As Grass Seed

An unsuspecting contractor drove to his nearby Home Depot to buy a vanity. When he opened it, besides the usual shelves, he discovered two 50-lb bricks of marijuana.

Police were summoned and invited to the garden shop, where they were told the marijuana was being sold as a new kind of grass seed that offered entertaining prospects for homeowners and landscapers.

Now, instead of just mowing the lawn and admiring the result, the laborers in the lawn will be able to light up.

Police, not entirely convinced of the legality of the enterprise, pressed the employees in the department, particularly since the current street price for 100 pounds of marijuana is approximately $145,000.

The officers were also alert to the fact that a plumber who recently purchased a vanity at a still-unidentified hardware store in Massachusetts found 3 kilograms of cocaine, along with 40 pounds of marijuana in the unlikely repository, with a street value of about $250,000.

As suspicions mounted, police searched a dozen HD stores and found similar unusually outfitted vanities.

The management of Home Depot has vowed to cooperate in the curious investigation.

One wonders in what vanities the drug merchants might be tremblingly sequestered.

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