Bully Zapper Techniques Two and Three: Report and Keep a Lis

Bully Zapper Techniques Two and Three: Report and Keep a List
by Paula McCoach

The Second Basic Technique for Zapping Bullies -
Report the Bullying to an Adult!

After you have told the bully to stop several times, you need to report the bullying to an adult. Don't continue to put up with the bullying hoping it will go away.

I tell students that they need to report the bully at several points - if the bullying continues with no improvement and if you experience the bullying getting worse.

Reporting the bullying to an adult is your second most important Bully Zapping Technique. If a student cannot stop the bullying, they need to care about themselves enough to let an adult help them. Adults have more authority to deal with the bully.

Students need to tell teachers, school counselors, administrators, assistants, etc. that other kids are bothering them!

The Third Most Basic Technique for Dealing with Bullies -
Keep a List!

So the bully still has not stopped! Not to worry. At this point I tell the student to begin keeping a written list of what is said by the bully. Verbatim! I tell them to write down every word the bully is saying to them.

I provide a paper to some students with columns on it. The column headings are 'Name,' 'Date,' 'Comments.'

I tell the student to give me the list anytime they want. If they want to give it to me every day, I will talk to the bully daily until it stops. If they want to give it to me once a week, I will talk to the bully weekly - until the bullying stops.

Often when the bully realizes that their comments are being written down with their name beside them, they will stop. If not, you just keep on keeping on...It's a win/win situation for the student and a lose/lose situation for the bully.

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