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The Find Your Future project is a division of our company equal to all others. When 24 percent of 18-24 year olds in the US alone have not completed a high school educational program, and they represent the largest proportion of the unemployed, Chandler Hill Partners is committed to doing something about it.

Despite the increased importance of a high school education for entry to postsecondary education and the labor market, the high school completion rate has shown little to no gains over the last four decades. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that those who learn more earn more.

Those who have less than a high school education represent the largest proportion of the unemployed and on average will earn less than $20 thousand per year. The Find Your Future program has a two-part goal; to help reduce the drop out rate and to target those who have already dropped out.

Our expert staff of career professionals volunteers our time in a two-part strategy. We deliver a two-hour presentation called, "Don't Skip, Don't Slip-Find Your Future," to high school sophomores. Ten percent of students will drop out before they complete their sophomore year.

Secondly we deliver a free-four hour seminar in our offices for high school drop outs ranging in age from 16-24. We empower them by identifying the skills they didn't know they had. We write their resumes and we partner with companies in our communities who will agree to review their resumes and give them an opportunity to interview. We partner with other businesses who will donate services such as vocational training, computer skills, and professional attire. Our success has been in helping them understand that they have value and we have found that discovering their value helps lead them back to school.

Chandler Hill Partners is committed to impacting these statistics and helping change the future of those less likely to succeed on their own.

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