Change Your Life With a Simple Habit

You've worked for hours on dinner - doing the best you can - and he says ...................nothing.

How do you feel? Feel like cooking tomorrow night?

What if he says: "Jenny, I really appreciate you taking the time to cook. Aside from the food being great, I got to spend extra time finishing that job that's been bugging me. Thank you for that".

Now how do you feel, and do you feel like cooking tomorrow night?

If we're not acknowledged or appreciated, we're less happy, tend to contribute less, and begin to resent things we are doing. When we are appreciated, we feel wonderful, and want to do more for people.

It's as if we have SURPLUS that we want to share!

So what kind of experience are you creating for the people around YOU?

If you were born and raised on Earth, chances are you have learned the habit of keeping any acknowledgment or appreciation you feel for others largely to yourself.

Yet with a very simple habit, you can completely alter the experience of everyone who comes into contact with you! Why starve them of the attention and appreciation that lights us up?

Action Stations

  1. Make a list of five people in your life who could use more appreciation (It can be a secretary, neighbour or bus driver. Or call a parent and acknowledge them for WHO they have been all your life).
  2. Write one thing next to each person that you could thank them or appreciate them for. (E.g. "Dad, thanks for always being happy about my successes", "Jan, you ALWAYS say 'hello' when I come in - thanks.", "Bill, I really appreciate the effort you always make to get the numbers right - it makes my day easier"
  3. Put in your diary when this week you will acknowledge them.
  4. BONUS

  5. Write down five things you should acknowledge YOURSELF for. (Yes - it's easy for us to criticise even ourselves. Start practicing patting yourself on the back.)