College Is Much More Than Higher Education

The first day of college begins with hopes and dreams of a
new future. You walk around the college, drinking in the
newness of a world unknown, where the buildings will become
a second home to you as you release yourself into a variety
of lectures.

Your first day is filled with trepidation as you imagine
what college life will be like. Of course you have watched
"Beverly Hills 90210" and "The College Years" and have seen
the picture perfect episodes, describing a life of parties
and fun times and you wonder what acquaintances you'll make
and what extra-curricular activities at college you will be
participating in.

The college buzzer rings signaling the start of the first
information session and you join the herd of other college
students fresh out of their last year of high school,
looking around for just a glimpse of anyone you might know,
somebody that you could talk to and perhaps enjoy your
college days with, to no avail. The college information
session begins and as it continues, you sink into your
chair as they ramable off all the general stuff that you
already knew, because you studied the college handbook as
required before attending. You are thinking what all this
college stuff is about.

College is about the closing of one chapter of your life,
and the beginning of another. It's a time of expanding and
growing into adulthood. There is a lot of focus on the
higher education aspects of attending college, and it's
really much more than that.

College is a time to get to know who you are, and what you
may want to do in your life. College gives you an
opportunity to spread your wings, and learn about things
which serve and support you in a "safe" environment. College
is a time to network, and relationship with other people.

Some of the most important questions you can ask yourself is
What do I like? What am I interested in? What subject do I
lose myself in? There will be some required courses and
those may not jazz you, but your major should be something
that fits like a glove. If you are unsure, don't commit to
any one course of direction until you have determined that.
There is an abundance of college options, so take your time
in choosing the one that best suits your needs. It will save
you a lot of time and money and aggravation, in the long

About the Author

Meghan Semple is founder of All About College an excellent resource site dedicated to information about colleges.