Cookie Dough Fundraising Problems Answered

Don't sell cookie dough with any company before you ask these important questions!

Is there a minimum purchase requirement? Almost all cookie dough companies require a large 300-400 item minimum on their cookie dough. We do not have any minimum order requirements. One single person can sell our cookie dough or thousands of people, it doesn't matter.

Is there a shipping fee? Most companies do not charge a shipping fee IF you sell over 330 tubs/boxes of cookie dough but DO charge a fee if you sell less than that amount. We do not charge any shipping fees regardless of how many tubs/boxes are sold.

What will my profit be? Most companies only offer a 30% profit for orders under 300 items and require large commitments to achieve a reasonable profit margin for your group. Profit calculators on websites are an easy way to be fooled into thinking your receiving a higher profit then you are. We offer a flat rate profit of $5.50 for every single item sold, regardless of the number of items sold. Your profit will be larger and you won't have to use a sliding scale to determine what your group might earn depending upon what your group might sell.

What is the sale price of the cookie dough? Cookie dough prices vary depending on the company you choose. Don't fall into the trap of selling your cookie dough for $13-$16 per tub. We sell all flavors, both regular and premium flavors for $12.00 per tub/box.

Do you offer a prize program? Some companies do offer a program and others do not. This is a very important part of your cookie dough sale. Prizes incentivize your sellers and a sale without prizes will not be as successful as a sale with prizes. We offer a prize program with all sales.

Do we have to pay for the prizes out of our profit? Make sure if a company does have a prize program that the money for these items does not come out of your profit. You do not want to learn at the end of your fundraiser that the prizes will cost your group an additional 20% of your profit. Our prize program is payed for and provided with no charges to your group.

Do you provide the supplies to get started at no charge? Never pay for your selling brochures or posters to advertise your sale. About 75% of companies offer these items for free. We do not charge for your selling brochure/order forms or posters.

Do they have a website? We have a website at that you can access whenever you have questions or problems that offers live help to assist you.

About the author:

Fundraising Time owner exposes cookie dough issues. Years of experience will save you grief when starting a cookie dough fundraiser.