How to optimize your video for the web

Optimizing your video or movie in order it can be distributed and played on the web implies many aspects.

This action, often known as streaming video, must be achieved carefully in order not to loose an important amount of video quality on the process. Due to the great amount of data a video or movie contains and the big size it file would have, transferring it or playing it over the web with its original quality might be not easy sometimes.

The PC or equipment the person who will watch your movie has will be one of the main factors you should consider at the time of sending your video to him or letting him download it. Depending on the equipment, the video a person plays over the web will be played with good quality, bad quality or it might not be played at all.

To start with, a person should have a good Internet connection based on cable or DSL in order to be able to play or watch your movie over the web. If they do not have high speed connection, accessing and watching your movie would be almost impossible, since in case they were able to play it, it would be of very low quality and probably would go blank sometimes.

In order to optimize your video or movie and avoid as many of these web- movie related problems, there are a few things you should have into account. First of all, you should compress your video using an appropriate technology, such as, for example, Real Video, or any other which was meant for this specific purpose.

There are several different compression technologies which were developed in order to help movie makers uploading and transferring their videos over the web. In order to choose a good compression technology, you should check it allows you to compress your video without causing it to loose much of its original quality. You should always consider that maybe it is preferable that your video is transferred less quickly and looses not so much quality than it is transferred very fast and looses an important amount of data.

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