Educate yourself on the toxins in your home.

I believe that we have a right to know about the possibilities of health risks that are associated with consumable products. Our healthcare has been on a steady decline over the past years. We are faced with more cancers than ever before, more illness and sickness than ever before. I will not say that all of our household products are causing the increase in the above mentioned, but I will say that there are many sites that discuss the toxin issue in our homes. Do your families and yourself a favor and research this. I know that we have used these types of products for years and that our parents have used the same products even longer, but does that make things right? I am here at if you would like to discuss this further.

About the Author

I am a loving husband and father of two beautiful girls ages 7 and 4. I have been looking into household toxins, and am confident that we can make a positive change in our homes for the betterment of our families.