Flea and Tick Control

No matter where you live, including cities and rural areas, your pets can be subjected to irritating flea and tick bites and Lyme disease, the potentially fatal disease caused by tick and flea bites. Not only will fleas cause discomfort to your pets, but they can also invade your home, propagating in carpets, bedding and furniture, and WILL bite you, causing severe itching and swelling.

Flea Control repellants are also sold in liquid form and are usually applied between the shoulder blades. Be warned that over use can cause vomiting and neurological problems in dogs.

Many Flea Control products are availabe for the treatment of flea and tick infestation. All products have advantages and disadvantages and may/ may not be safe to use with other Flea Control products.

Pet stores and veterinary clinics display a vast array of Flea Control products including, Advantage Flea, Frontline Flea, Program Flea, chemically derived shampoos, powders, sprays, pills and collars which, according to the labels, will eliminate fleas and ticks. But what are these substances doing to our pets?

We recommend either Advantage Flea or Frontline Flea, both of which is applied directly on the skin, between the shoulder blades and with regular use inhibits the development of the flea and tick.

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