Exploratory Essay

An exploratory essay is peculiar for its focus on the process of research. The writer of an exploratory essay should learn about the object of exploration rather than demonstrate his knowledge of this object. The writer of an exploratory essay may therefore begin the essay without seeing the final outcome. Exploratory essays widen the vision of a discussed subject and represent new and new arguments during the process of research. In contrast to other types of essays, exploratory essays focus primarily on question and not on thesis statement. An exploratory essay represents the chronologic representation of research activities performed by the writer, and should therefore display the thinking provoked by the process of research, including the possible rhetorical dilemmas and personal perception. An exploratory essay may be written in the form of a retrospective view on the research done, or represent the very process of research. The latter may make an essay look spontaneous, while the former will result in a planned and well-structured essay. Exploratory essays may often provide different solutions for complex problems, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and generating controversial opinions.
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