Free Tips For Your Child's Success

Getting free tips for a child's success is something most
parents/guardians are interested in. Most want their child's
academic growth to improve every school year. Most sincerely
care. Unfortunately some don't, but that's a completely different
article. For now, I want to focus on improving the reading
abilities of our children immediately.

This summer is flying by and soon our children will be back in
the classroom with the eager teachers and their fellow
classmates. My concern as an educator, with over twenty years of
invaluable experience, is the loss of reading and comprehension
skills over the summer months simply due to lack of reading.
Children need to read in order to keep up their skills. They
must read on a consistent basis to not only maintain but to also
improve their skills. Just as any skill or talent, if it isn't
used, it will slowly diminish. Do we really need our children's
reading abilities to begin to waste away as they enjoy the summer
months? I don't think so. Our society can't afford this to
happen either.

I frequently compare reading skills to that of a runner's skills.
A person that wishes to maintain or improve his or her running
ability must run almost on a daily basis. What takes much time
and effort to achieve however, can be very quickly lost if that
runner takes some time off. Basically, to maintain the skills,
the runner needs to run on a consistent basis. This is exactly
what we are looking to achieve with our children and their
reading skills. We want them to maintain and even improve their
skills. This can be accomplished by reading consistently.
Perhaps not every day, but consistently.

OK, now I have opened up a very large can of worms, haven't I?
Don't get discouraged. Many questions do arise, all of which can
be answered. Questions such as: How much time should my child
spend reading? How many days a week? What should my child read?
The most frequent question: What can I do to get my child to sit
and read when he or she can be rather resistant to the idea?
Contact me at and I will respond.

There are no quick easy answers. Below I have suggested
materials and for the purpose of this article I will tell you
this much, all strategies depend on many different factors
specific to your child's needs. I can and will give you needed
suggestions and FREE advice on these matters by email. Contact
me at and I will make every effort to
help you out. Some suggested materials: Hooked on Phonics at and/or
Homebound downloadable coloring and story books for kindergarten
and primary (4-8 years) at
Both are excellent resources. As I said, so much depends on your
individual child and his or her personal characteristics, levels,
abilities, and needs. Contact me for support!

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Frank Thatcher is an experienced educator specializing in many
areas such as behavior modifications, emotional challenges, and
parenting skills. He has assisted many in setting goals and
experiencing success. For FREE advice relating to Your needs,
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