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How Much Are Men Spending on Grooming Products? More Than You Think

More men are frequenting spas, undergoing cosmetic surgery and buying new lines of grooming products in drugstores. The three-day beard look is definitely out, as is drawing the line at a neat hairstyle and some aftershave. While that approach is both simple and inexpensive, the escalating importance of appearance in the current social and business climate has created the new "metrosexual" man.

As currently defined, "metrosexual" is not one, but a range of attitudes about male appearance, and looking sharp and clean-cut is the goal. Though some veer left, others right - when it comes to right down to it, everyone is on the same page. Good-looking skin, hair and nails are essential, both in business and in attracting the opposite sex.

Investing in the Bottom Line
Recognition is growing that paying attention to grooming products may simply be a wise investment, and that it's not easy to keep up with women who utilize every method under the sun to stay looking young and attractive as long as possible.

According to Drug Store News, "men have become more aware," and they're spending more than $1 billion annually on their appearance. Manufacturers of personal care products have also become more aware, offering Nivea for Men, Gillette Complete Skincare, and a new Clearasil line extension just for young men.

Eye Cream for Men? Unthinkable No Longer
The "average Joe" is even dabbling in tinted moisturizers, eye creams and hair treatments, such as XCD