Gathering Homeschool Materials

Before you begin acquiring your homeschool materials that you have determined by reviewing your study objectives and goals, some thought should be given as to what type of learning style is your child.

For example, if your child is a visual learner then you will want to pursue a more audio/video type of learning format. Or, if your child has more of hands on trial and error learning style, actual tangible objects in which to touch and feel may constitute what you look into. Again, as mentioned in other articles, the best most retentive learning comes from solid motivation, and motivation is generated by interest level. Whichever the scenario, it is your job to keep the lesson plan and the homeschool materials relevant to the educational process. Sure, the learning experience must be interesting and fun, however, it must also remain relevant and not just playtime. Having said that, you must also avoid just busy work within each homeschool unit study as this type of learning activity detracts from the overall purpose of the unit itself.

The actual resources for unit studies can be found in many places. Your public library is a great place to start, and it