Email Marketing - 8 Tips How NOT to Get Your Advertisement R

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods available - if done correctly. With the recent wave of email viruses going around, people are becoming more reluctant to open email from strangers, including me.

With that in mind, here are some highly effective methods to get your advertisement, that you worked so hard on, sent straight to my trash folder:

- If your email address looks like gibberish or appears to be coded as in,,, or, I don't know you - TRASH!

- If your email address is or addressed to, I don't have any friends by the name of "Friend" and my name is "Edward" so I don't know you and you obviously don't know me. - TRASH!

- If your email subject begins with "ADV", or "URGENT" or Re: to a subject I never sent - TRASH! I'll take my chances not reading those "urgent" emails.

Ok, your ad has initially made it pass my "trigger-happy" delete finger and didn't get tossed immediately in the trash. Good deal, but still not there yet. Here's how to get your ad tossed in the trash after it's been opened but still not read:

- If your email requires me to write you via "snail mail" or call you (long distance at that!) to be removed from your list - TRASH! I don't want anything to do with you if I have to spend money to request removal from a list I shouldn't have been on in the first place.

- If your email begins with "Thank you for sending information on your money making opportunity, now look at mine