Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Austin Scho

Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Austin Schools of Massage
by C. Bailey-Lloyd

Holistic Junction's featured school of the week is 'Austin Schools of Massage - the world at your fingertips.' Austin Schools of Massage ask the question, "What makes us different? Specifically, the success of their students makes them different as their proven track record over the years have made them the top Massage Schools in Texas. Offering classes in Austin, Bryan College Station, El Paso, Killeen, Lubbock, Midland, San Angelo, San Antonio, and Waco; Austin Schools of Massage offers hands-on classes that are not only fun, but are supportive and focus on personal and professional growth. Austin Schools of Massage' believes that 'your success is our success.'

Austin Schools of massage curriculum provides rewarding educational courses including 125 class hours of Massage Techniques comprised of stretching, range of motion, sports massage, trigger points , special application, Swedish Massage techniques, and much more. In addition, 25 and 50-hour classes on Anatomy and physiology, 15 hours of hydrotherapy, 20 hours in Health and Hygiene, Business and professional ethics, practical applications; as well as 50 hours of Internship are given to complete their elaborate program. As an added feature, Austin Schools of Massage accommodates students by providing support during training and after graduation by working with each student with their Lifetime Job Placement Program.

Working with a variety of financial aid programs , Austin Schools of Massage is committed to your success by assisting students with paying for their education through programs such as SLM Financial , Corporate Tuition Reimbursement, Veterans Administration Benefits, and other scholarships and grants.

Approved by the Texas Department of Health, the Veterans Administration and the International Council for Health Science Education, Austin Schools of Massage enable students to become professional massage therapists.

To learn more about or to enroll in Austin Schools of Massage, please visit: Austin Schools of Massage today.

Holistic Junction is honored to have Austin Schools of Massage on board and salutes its quality standards for being one of society's vital pioneers and promoters in Massage Therapy.


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