Ginger Gets a New Home

Ginger (a.k.a. "Redpuss") is a half-ginger, half white, 12-year-old tom who suffered some bad health problems last year, including cat flu, 6 rotten teeth (with accompanying toothache) and associated chronic infection, a septic lip, ear mites, skin allergies and a heart murmur. His story is documented at the Help Save Ginger page (, if you'd like some background information. You may have already read my previous article about him and how a number of generous people donated funds to cover his vet bills.

While his health problems were sorted out, finding a new home for him has proved to be something of a problem. Neither friends nor family were in a position to take him in for two reasons - he's a cat-flu carrier (and my vet was insistent that Ginger should not go to a house that already has a cat) and his age (people are too worried that an ageing cat just means big medical bills down the road). Notices stuck up in supermarkets, libraries and vet clinics didn't get a single reply. Neither did putting appeals in classified ads papers.

I contacted a few catteries to see if they could offer any leads I could follow up on. While they couldn't suggest anyone to place the cat with, they suggested contacting an animal shelter who didn't euthanise unwanted animals. Unfortunately, when I contacted them, they told me they only now dealt exclusively with dogs (apparently there'd been unholy war between the cats and dogs when they catered for both). They advised me to contact the local Cat Protection Association through their webpage.

Emails to their advertised email address went unanswered and after several aborted phone calls, I got a message saying that they'd moved and had a new phone number. I tried that only to get a message saying they were unavailable for several days and to leave a message. I did, but with less than ten days remaining before a final decision would have to be made as to whether to have him put to sleep or not, time was running out for Ginger.

Then, on the weekend prior to what could become a fateful day, I received a call telling me that a home had been found for Ginger. It seems that a grand-niece of Ginger's original owner has stepped in to take care of him. So, with just one day to spare, Ginger was whisked off to his new home.

It's a relief knowing that the Sword of Damocles no longer hangs over him and that the thought of having to have him put to sleep is now no longer the cards.

He'll make a great pet for his new owners as he's a very affectionate cat. With the exception of being a cat-flu carrier, his health is otherwise good. Given what he went though last year, he deserves to have a few good, happy years ahead of him and now he has.

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