How E-Learning Helps Develop Special Skills

When the words "distance learning" are used, it's often
with the idea of achieving a degree or attaining a specific
certificate. But what if your company needs specialized
learning opportunities?

Or what if you are a small company and simply don't have
the means to hire a teacher to help your employees gain a
specific skill? The answer could very well be an elearning
class from one of the companies that offer special course

Managers around the country need some basic skills that are
the same from one business to the next. If a manager has a
degree, he usually has at least the basis for managing a
business. But what happens when the needs of the company
change? Or when it's time to get updated training for the

A few decades ago, a manager would simply have continued to
use the skills he already had without ever really getting
any new training. The company's dilemma is evident - the
manager can't be spared from his current duties to attend
classes for updated training, and the company is less
likely to prosper if the manager continues to use outdated
management practices. Elearning is an answer for that

Specialized coursework is especially efficient for
companies with personnel scattered across the country (or
even around the world). Consider the company that has
offices in several countries. The managers all need some
updated training and getting a special course put together
means they'll all be operating on the same page.

The course can be offered either as distance learning with
all employees who will attend "meeting" online at a preset
time, or as elearning with employees being required to
finish an online course in a set period of time.

What could be better than a united business with consistent
business practices? Accountants, bookkeepers, secretaries,
security people or any other group could be brought up to
date on government requirements and company policies.

Perhaps your company is undergoing growing pains and it's
time to help your employee base increase basic knowledge.
Offering distance learning or elearning opportunities in
specific areas can accomplish this while benefiting both
the employee and the company.

For some companies, providing their own elearning sites
could be a great benefit for business. Imagine the selling
power it would add to tout an online training course in the
use of a particular product or service. With the technology
available, it's possible to create custom distance learning
or elearning courses, often with personnel already on
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About the Author

John Tipton dropped out of school early, and worked boring
jobs for 20 years. Then he discovered 'distance learning'
and finally got the education he missed. After lots of
different courses at lots of different schools, Peter
shares his experience in this series of useful articles.