How To Fail Utterly at Handling Individuals and The Public

Handling the public individual is a demonstration of effectiveness, competence, mastery and power. Masterful people handling skills falls into that category of almost super-human abilities.

Those who violate the use of their power do so in the same way that people fail at handling the public. What violates the use of power violates the simplicity of public dissemination and handling of people.

The way to violate power is to be indecisive, to incorrectly answer to whom, what, where, why, or how do you target your power (public).

Not knowing what you really want in life or not going for it sets up a form of unwanted want which causes others to go immobile and become indecisive.

Indecision locks up power therefore, eliminating your indecision and the indecision of your client in what he wants, what future is wanted by him, what he would really like to be doing for the rest of his life, becomes of vital importance.

The other way to fail is to be interested only in what you want. The client will be uninterested if he even suspects you are using him for your own interests. If you deliver what you promise and help him attain what he wants, then he will push power in your direction to help you attain what you want, and he'll be most happy to do it.

So, the two basic ways to fail are:



Indecisiveness blocks your and everyone else's power. So no one can act.

Putting your vested interests and wants ahead of those of the client also blocks his power. Instead of being a friend, you become an instant enemy and are someone to get rid of.

Indecisiveness and vested or self-interest immediately positions you in the client's universe as an immobilizer or enemy, or worse, a saboteur. The client will immediately distrust you.

Abusers put unwanted wants into other people universes.

Enemies put unwanted wants into their opponents universes.

Mediocrities put unwanted wants into other people universes.

Most people never recognize this fact, and cannot work out why they lose so many sales. The unaware salesman, executive, or leader creates his own oppositions and objections automatically.

If you are indecisive or self-absorbed, YOU MUST FAIL.
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