Silence of the Lambs

He stands back, avoiding holding eye contact or speaking up. His heart beats rapidly, and he is aware of perspiration, and butterflies in the stomach. If you sometimes experience these symptoms in social or business situations you have a lot of company.

Now imagine, vividly, a new book in your hands that answers these questions.

Social psychologists disclose "excessive shyness" is a growing social epidemic. In fact, it is now the third most prevalent psychiatric disorder.

Shy people obviously have trouble meeting people, forming relationships, and participating in life. They are often lonely and frustrated.

Shy people have greater health problems because they tend to have a weak network of friends. They are less likely to give doctors sufficient information to treat them properly.

They are less likely to make money, to live up their potential at work, or to feel appreciated for their contributions.

Metaphorically, shyness is a shrinking back from life that weakens the bonds of human connection.

Professor Emeritus Thomas Harrell, of Stanford University, examined MBAs over a 20 -year period to elicit their success factor and he found that "The number one factor linked with success was 'social extroversion', the ability to speak up."

Now, imagine a new book in your hands that turns "Lambs" into "Lions" by teaching you all the right moves and when to make them in order to cure the true source of excessive make the curse of "The Dialog Dilemma" a thing of the short, to turn introverts into extroverts and losers into leaders...

To turn the SILENCE OF THE LAMB into the ROAR OF THE LION... You can do it!


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