I've tried my hand at many a thing
I've even wrote a song that I did sing
But one day the Lord called me aside
He said work for me, I'll be your guide

Men ask me what kind of work do you do
What is your profession, your boss is who
I've been a soldier, a farmer, and a teacher
Also an author, a carpenter, and a preacher

I've waited on the Lord to do his bidding
My work for him to others has been hidden
Working for Jesus, the King of all kings
Is an honor and a privilege and great joy brings

I can do nothing on my own
You without sin cast the first stone
In the eyes of the world, my work seems in vain
But in heaven above great treasures I gain

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

About the Author

Author of My Walk with the Lord, www.selahbooks.com, preacher, retired US Army