IMAGINATION: New Worlds of Discovery

IMAGINATION: New Worlds of Discovery
by Davis Goss

Until the world closed in on us and restricted our inherent freedom,
imagination and creativity was an active ingredient in each one of us.
Whatever happened to our open, unfettered imagination; our capacity and
eagerness to dream dreams, to exercise visions of greatness and to
accomplish great feats with complete abandon and against all odds?

Unfortunately, in our growing up process, modern day computer dependency
and high tech advancements have tended to school creativity and
imagination out of us. We have been compelled to conform to the
parameters and restrictions the world has imposed upon us. To be free of
these limitations we must get back to basics and learn to exercise our
natural capacity to invoke creative thinking. "Creative thinking" is
defined by Webster as, "the ability to be productive through imaginative

To develop these imaginative skills , we must leave the world of limits
and restrictive parameters, reject conventional "common sense" and
deliberately break the bonds of accepted thinking. We will embark on what
will be the most exciting adventure imaginable and explore new areas of

In this adventure, we will be completely alone. We will step out into new
territories where there are no road maps, charts or blueprints to follow.
There is nothing ahead of us but the excitement of discovering new
horizons of unlimited achievement and invoking the kind of creativity and
innovation that existed (and worked!) long before time and technology
distorted its simplicity and relevance.

"Imagination", according to Webster, is "the act or power of forming
mental images of something not present to the senses or never before
wholly perceived.".
All the criteria for creativity are embodied in this one word:
IMAGINATION! What cannot be imagined?!

The range and flexibility of your imagination is virtually without limit.
It is free of all limitations and restrictions. There is only one rule
that pertains to your imagination and that is that there are no rules.
Your imagination is limited only by your imagination.

In your imagination, you are the absolute reigning monarch. You have
absolute control over the images of your imagination; Here in your
imagination you can fry ice and dribble footballs with absolute control
and balance. Imaginative concepts do not control you, you control them.
They are forever ready and willing to obey your every command and
instruction and do so instantaneously without offering any resistance.
They initiate no actions of their own but allow you to entertain the
abstract or bizarre without passing any value judgements or criticisms..
Because like begets like, we must be alert to entertain only those mental
images that we are willing to be expressed.

Open your thought to be responsive to the new ideas and concepts as you
exercise your "power of forming mental images (ideas) of things not
present to the senses....". Miracles take place in our imagination.

No wonder Einstein said that "imagination is more important than

With this power of your imagination you are truly on the cutting edge of
real progress and the controller of destinies.

Little wonder that Napoleon said, "Imagination rules the world"!

Creative thinking, "the ability to be productive through imaginative
skills", is pivotal to the productivity and success of any endeavor.
Particularly when you realize that Webster defines "productive" as, "the
establishment of results, benefits and profits".

About the Author

For more thna 40 years, Davis Goss has been a creative consultant with particular expertise in problem solving. His unique scientific approach is fully disclosed in his recent book, "The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT"