Instruction essay

Instruction essays are meant to provide readers with clear and helpfully sequenced instructions. When writing such an essay, a writer should set and explain the objective, encourage the audience to do something, and then tell them what and in what sequence to do. Thus, such kind of an essay possesses certain characteristics of both argumentative and persuasive essays, as it aims at drawing the attention of the audience to a certain process. However, it is at the same time different from the above mentioned types, as its main objective is to give instructions. Therefore, the usage of imperative mood is very characteristic of an instruction essay.

The important thing is that with instruction essays, both the quality of presentation and the practicality of advice matter. Otherwise, if the writing is incoherent and inconsistent, it is likely to be impossible for the reader to understand what he should do; and if the report fails to grab the audience's attention, the reader will not have the desire to do anything.
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