Is Online Training For Me?

We've all heard about online training but you might be asking yourself 'is it for me?' For many people who have been in the workforce for a number of years online training may not be for them. However, for those looking to advance their current position or perhaps wanting to change career paths, this may be one way of doing so.

Online training is becoming more and more popular given that it makes training programs available to individuals who otherwise would not have access to such training. This is especially true for those living in remote communities.

Most online training programs are self-paced, meaning that you work on the course when it best suits your schedule. The main advantage of this is that you can work on the course at any time convenient to you and in the comfort of your home. However, one disadvantage is "I'll do it tomorrow" but of course, tomorrow doesn't always come! While you might want to advance at work or make a career change, you will have to be self-motivated to take full advantage of online training.

Some online training programs are as simple as a series of Web Page forms that you fill out in sequence and receive your grade at the end of the series. In the mid-range, online training programs may contain graphics, a streaming-video lecture and/or various other multimedia presentations. High-end programs may contain a combination of those elements and possibly a real-time interactive session with the teacher and other students enrolled in the program.

So to decide if online training is really for you, ask yourself the following questions:

- Am I comfortable using a computer?
- Is the same course being offered at my local college or school?
- Will that online course helped me achieve my goals?
- Does the course offer a degree or diploma? If so are they recognized in the related industry?
- Am I really self-motivated to complete the course on my own?

Take your time, make sure the online program you are looking at will help you achieve your goals and that you have enough personal motivation to complete the course.

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