Jobless in July

There is really nothing worse than being jobless in July, except perhaps being jobless in January during a snow storm in Cook County, Minnesota. News reports about the economy trying to make a come back are no encouragement to someone looking for work. It is a hopeless felling when you are jobless in the heart of the summer. July is for vacations, taking dips in the pool, playing golf and attending summer concerts. What is a jobless person to do? Dr. Phil would probably say, son, nothing happens unless you have a plan. Since you must work, seek summer job opportunities.

Save your major job search efforts for permanent full time employment until after Labor Day. The summer help will go back to school and those who are going on maternity or medical leave will notify the boss of their exit dates. Do you need work right away? Swallow your pride and pick-up a summer time job, i.e. restaurants that work until 1 a.m. or 2 a.m., home improvement stores, landscape companies and don