Learn Spanish - Ten Reasons Why

Why learn Spanish? Almost five years ago I met the most wonderful woman in my life in Ecuador. I'm not sure we'd be married today if I hadn't learned a little of the language before going there. Finding true love is not the only reason to learn Spanish, though. Here are ten more.

1. To understand better. Like it or not, you'll hear as much Spanish as English at the Miami airport, and in many other places now. Wouldn't it be nice to understand what people are saying, and what the announcements are?

2. To be able to help others. Our bank has a branch at the grocery store, and this past week a farmer who didn't speak English was ready to leave without his money or groceries. It felt good to be able to help him out.

3. To improve your brainpower. A new language expands the range of your possible thoughts. There are concepts and expressions in each language that don't exist in others. These can give you new ways to think.

4. To change your perspective. In Spanish, you say "I have fear" (yo tengo miedo). Psychologists tell us that thoughts like "I am afraid" create too much identification with the feeling. It's healthier to think "I feel fear," or "I have fear," and in Spanish it's automatic.

5. To improve your memory. Did you know that most people experience a general improvement in memory from studying a language? Studies prove it.

6. To age more slowly. Learn Spanish to slow the aging process? It's true. It has been demonstrated that you can halt the age-related decline in mental function by learning a new language.

7. To get a better job. Knowing more than one language always looks good on a job application, and Spanish is the most useful one to learn.

8. So you can enjoy ALL the channels on your cable TV.

9. So you can order without help in a TRUE Mexican restaurant.

10. So you can say hello (hola) to your neighbor.

Learn Spanish for whatever reason you want, and you'll get all the benefits above as well. There is one more reason to learn Spanish: You'll be able to make new friends. My wife is glad I learned.

About the Author

Steve Gillman has been working on his Spanish with his wife Ana Blum, a native of Ecuador. Together they have built a website where you can get free lessons in Spanish. Visit: http://www.TheSpanishLesson.com