Learning the Rules of Custom Research

Does research have rules? Surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, research does have rules. There are rules for using different biographic citations. There are rules by different instructors concerning the research process. While writing a custom research paper there are rules about deadlines and goals. In fact, not meeting different deadlines can lead to lower grades on the research paper. There are many rules for almost every step of research. Knowing these rules will help make the research process easier.

The instructor often has rules in regard to the format of the custom written research paper. Some instructors want a title page with the name of the research paper, your name, class, and date of the paper. Many instructors want a running head as well as the header on the paper. The instructor will have rules about the margins and the number of pages required. Many instructors want an outline and page of contents.

The research process should include journal articles, books, and often information from the Internet. It is important to know how much and what type of information is required from your instructor. This should include how many direct quotes the instructor wants as well as paraphrased quotes. These should include citation information as to where the information came from. For instance, a direct quote will include the author