Pneumonia almost stopped my lungs but Su-Doku Puzzles kept

There is nothing like an "enforced rest" to make one re-evaluate one's life. Lying in a hospital bed with nothing to do except crosswords can be tedious. Then my wife brought me two Su-Doku puzzles from the Times life changed!

I became so engrossed in these extra-ordinary puzzles that time just flew by me. They are so addictive they ought to carry a Health Warning. I planned to make these puzzles available to the Internet community just as soon as I got home.

Guess what? My Doctor forbade me to return to work for four weeks. Bliss!

So, an "enforced rest" enabled me to build a web-site devoted entirely to Su-Doku. I felt a Monthly Su-Doku Puzzle Magazine would be 'just what the Doctor ordered', and I was right.

The interest in these fiendish puzzles was overwhelming, it seems everybody who tries one becomes instantly hooked, even children think they are great...not least because they are good at them and frequently beat their parents to the finish.

Su-Doku Monthly provides 120 puzzles ranging in difficulty from 'Easy' through 'Medium', 'Hard' and all the way to brain-numbing 'Expert'. There are enough puzzles to keep a whole family busy for a month.

Who needs television when you can play Su-Doku?

Check out your powers of logic and reasoning, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much fun Su-Doku is.

Rayzee is the Founder of Rayzee International and has been an Internet Entrepreneur since 1996.
He lives with his wife Lynn in Chippenham in the UK.