Moving Small Loads - Load Sharing for Students

Anyone moving a small load over a long distance could consider load sharing to reduce

their costs.

We are not discussing the larger national companies whose niche in the market is

certainly 'expensive' (and whose branded image may or may not live up to customer's

expectations). Neither are we talking about whole residences, or expensive, specialist

items or complicated jobs.
We are talking about jobs which are small and simple, and which will not threaten a

delivery time schedule:- Unexpected complications are the hidden cost and expense of

real removals. These jobs may include a two man removal crew, but if the customer

wishes to help out, thereby reducing the labour cost, so much the better.

There are two types of move for which load sharing can be an option.

1) Often people have single items to be moved with no particular urgency - maybe they

have been given a piano or need to swap furniture between houses. There are plenty of

removal companies who are continually building up lists of these time flexible jobs, so

they can create an efficient delivery route.
The problem has always been that these enquiries were uncoordinated, and it used to be a

matter of luck as to whether a customer could find a remover able to offer either a firm

date or a price. offers this service.

There is a need for a notice board where customers can post their removal needs and

removal companies can contact them and make an offer. The more people can think ahead,

the better their chance of success. A message advertising a flexible time frame of a

month in which to make the move will be enough to attract a match - and a low quote.

2) The other category is the student removal: - Thousands of people moving across the

country at the same time. This group of movers could do worse than make the effort to

find a partner: - and jointly approach a remover. They could even rope in someone going

in the opposite direction, presenting the remover with a complete schedule. The savings

would justify the effort.

It is true that there are psychological barriers to overcome in approaching strangers in

such an enterprise. If the idea is not for you, the next best solution would be to go

where small removal companies and customers are interfacing, and post your journey on

the message board, and if that