"Natures Fireworks" - A Guide to OPAL - Pt 1 Myths, Legends

This 7 part series has been written for the novice opal collector or admirer who has little or no knowledge about opal.

It is hoped that by reading the information contained within, you will have a better understanding of where opal comes from, how it is mined, and the value and various types of opal available to the collector, investor, or those who just want a better understanding of these fascinating stones.

There are over 100 different types of opal being mined around the world, with each type being unique to the area it came from and no two opals alike. I have attempted to include the most common types available to you as a buyer.

In this 7 part series, we will cover subjects ranging from, the myths, legends and folklore surrounding opal, were opal is mined around the world and the discovery of opal in Australia. Our topics will also include how opal is mined, processed and cut as well as the different types of opal. Lastly we cover caring for your opals and how an opals is valued.

Pt1 - Myths, Legends and Folklore

Opal has been treasured throughout history from the early Aztecs and Romans to Queen Victoria, who loved opals so much that she gave them away as wedding presents. They have adorned the crowns of the Holy Roman Emperor, and are set in the crown jewels of France. Josephine was given an opal with brilliant red flashes called