Online Degrees Gaining More Acceptance

Online Degrees Gaining More Acceptance

The number of students electing to undertake online degree course since the
mid-1990s has risen exponentially. Due to the nature of the all-round benefits
of undertaking online degrees, the make-up of the student roster is as diverse
and alternative as any degree program you could wish to name. But, with more
than two-thirds of the traditional learning institutions now offering some form
of online degrees, either at bachelor or master's level, how are employers'
viewing those who have graduate and post-graduate qualifications attained from
undertaking online degrees?

The answer to this question is actually rather simple: in order to ensure that
prospective employers take their online degrees seriously, those looking to
undertake them do need to research their chosen field of study, and the institutions
offering them, before embarking on the length (and, in some cases, costly) process
of completing online degrees.

Unfortunately, this initial process of researching the institution offering
online degrees needs to be undertaken because, it must be said, some institutions
do offer accredited online degree, whilst others merely provide a poor substitute
for more traditional degree study programs.

In this regard, empirical studies evidence that three-quarters of potential
employers view online degrees gained from established universities as being
more acceptable than online degrees attained from universities that only cater
for online degrees. Whether or not it is fair for prospective employers to make
such sweeping opinions is rather a moot point - the fact is that prospective
employers are far more likely to know the name of an existing, traditional learning
institute than they are a new learning institute established to only provide
for online degrees.

Consequently, employers' recognition of online degrees obtained for the newer
learning institutes is on the rise as the profiles of this learning centers
- and the online degrees they offer - rises. Perhaps the strongest evidence
of this fact can be seen in the number of employers who are now offering their
current employees with incentive schemes to undertake post-graduate online degrees
(such as paying for their tuition fees and providing time-off for study) in
much the same manner as had previously been provided for more traditional methods
of post-graduate programs.


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