Persuasive Essay

Persuasive writing utilizes logical argumentation and reasoning to establish the dominance of some idea. Persuasive essay convinces the reader of the legitimacy of some idea or even calls to certain actions. The writer of a persuasive essay should remember that the process of persuasion is impossible without stating plausible arguments and facts that appeal to the reader's intellect. The writer should cite the experts, and support his viewpoint with logical evidences and appropriate examples. The writer should demonstrate his own solid position and follow this position, reinforcing it by facts and arguments. Persuasive and convincing evidence is crucial, and therefore preliminary research should be considered as the most important part of the persuasive writing. The essay should sound professionally and authoritatively, demonstrating the writer's confident knowledge and experience in all aspects of the discussed subject. Statistics is a very powerful and convincing argument for many subjects, and the writer should effectively manipulate with available figures, not overloading the reader with excessive or insignificant statistical data. The writer should confidently differentiate facts from beliefs, giving no way to inauthentic, doubtful or unverified factual material.

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