Prince Henry Sinclair

Just this year (2001) the Sons of Norway and the Norumbega Lodge (Norumbega was the name of eastern Canada during the Norse voyages, but when they first arrived they called it New Ireland.) held mass weddings at the Newport Tower in Rhode Island. It was built long before Columbus and with construction that is definitely Norse. This tower had a windmill built on top of it by a windbag (Alexander Hamilton) who claimed it for his own many centuries later as the cover-up was in full flight.

Why is it that when the gods of archaeology and history admitted the Norse settlement (5) at Lans-aux-Meadows was true as told in verbal tradition, or the Kensington Runestone expedition was traced to specific Norwegian documents, schools still teach Columbus discovered America? If these people lie all the time is there not a good chance they will continue to lie? If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck - it probably is a _uck!

Frederik Pohl may well have had to write science fiction due to his reception as a serious historian when he wrote about Prince Henry Sinclair